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Friday, February 4, 2011

Timo Boll Retains Top Place on February Men’s World Rankings

Timo Boll Retains Top Place on February Men’s World Rankings

By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Timo Boll remains at no.1 Photo By: Guido Schiefer


Germany’s Timo Boll retains his no.1 spot on the Men’s World Ranking list published by the International Table Tennis Federation on Monday 1st February 2011, despite the fact that he was not present at either the Slovenian or English Opens.

Likewise for Japan’s Jun Mizutani, who did not appear on the ITTF Pro Tour in January 2011, there is no change; whilst for three other players in the top of the rankings who were not present in Velenje or Sheffield there are changes.

Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus climbs one place to no.5, China’s Ma Long falls two places to no.4 and Korea’s Joo Se Hyuk drops one place to no.10.

A change for Ma Long and changes for his colleagues who were present in Slovenia and England; Wang Hao climbs on place to no.2, Ma Lin moves from no.5 to no.3 with Zhang Jike, who suffered a shock defeat in the second round of the Men’s Singles event at the English Open losing to the Czech Republic’s Tomas Konency, falling two places to no.6.

Also on the move is Zhang Jike’s colleague, Xu Xin; the winner in Slovenia, he climbs from no.10 to no.8 with Wang Liqin dropping from no.8 to no.9, his lowest ranking this century!

Progress for Chen Qi
Team mate Chen Qi and Chinese Taipei’s Chuang Chih-Yuan complete the top 12, with Chen Qi, the winner of the Men’s Singles title at the English Open, advancing from no. 14 to no.11 and Chuang Chih-Yuan falling one place to no.12.

Then end result is that seven of the top 12 are from China; such is their excellence in the sport of table tennis.

Progress for Chen Qi is a direct result of his success at the English Open and those who were in form on the ITTF Pro Tour in January are rewarded.

Adrien Mattenet
Adrien Mattenet of France, who reached the third round in both Slovenia and England where he gained the distinction of losing to the tournament winner on both occasions, is rewarded for his consistency.

He advances to no.38 have previously stood at no.38.

Kim Min Seok
Equally, there is progress for Korea’s 19 year old Kim Min Seok, the winner of the Under 21 Men’s Singles title at the Slovenian Open; he moves from no.56 to no.43.

Four Notable Climbers
Similarly, there are higher rankings for Russia’s Igor Rubtsov, Evgueni Chtchetinine of Belarus, Emmanuel Lebesson of France and Turkey’s Li Ahmet.

The winner of the Czech Republic’s Dimitrij Prokopcov and Croatia’s Zoran Primorac at the English Open, Igor Rubtsov moves from no.75 to no.55 with Evgueni Chtchetinine, who recorded a notable win over Portugal’s Marcos Freitas at the Slovenian Open, climbing nine places to no.64.

Two Good Wins Each
Fine results and that is the reason why Emmanuel Lebesson and Li Ahmet now enjoy higher rankings.

Li Ahmet beat both Austria’s Robert Gardos and Daniel Eloi of France at the Slovenian Open whilst at the English Open, Emmanuel Lebesson accounted for Hong Kong’s Cheung Yuk and Russia’s Fedor Kuzmin.

Koreans Change Places
Meanwhile, in the age group rankings it is very much as you were.

China’s Xu Xin remains at no.1 on the ITTF Under 21 Men’s World Rankings followed as before by Japan’s Kenta Matsudaira but then there is a change; the Koreans Kim Min Seok and Jung Young Sik change places.

Kim Min Seok is now at no.3 with Jung Young Sik at no.4.

No Change
On small change whilst at the top of the Under 18 Boys’ and Under 15 Boys’ Rankings there is no change.

Japan’s Koki Niwa retains his top place in the Under 18 list followed by China’s Lin Gaoyuan and Song Hongyuan with the latter’s three colleagues – Zheng Peifeng, Kong Lingxuan and Zhu Linfeng – retaining their respective top three places on the Under 15 Boys’ list.

Xu Xin from no.10 to no.8 on the Men’s World Rankings and still aty no.1 on the Under 21 list.

Photos by tabletennisphotos.com

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